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Printer Is Offline, How To Fix?
Sometimes there might be some issues in the technology like when you start or try to take print on canon there was the issue that printer status shows offline on Mac. This issue means the Mac cannot connect to your printer and you cannot take out print on that. Why MacBook printer offline goes?.

This is among the most common and frustrating issues you can face, and you cannot understand how to solve this issue. But now you don’t have to worry about this issue as by following some steps you can easily solve this the printer is offline mac issue.

To fix your printer back to normal so you can have your prints without any obstruction, let’s start with easy troubleshooting steps and will check if your printer is back to normal and showing offline after each troubleshooting step.

Printer Is Offline, How To Fix?
If your computer printer says the printer is offline? Then it means, your operating system doesn’t have a connection via your router or other wi-fi connection.

A WI-FI connection is a bridge or you can say a bypass that keeps your printer in a live mood but as you lose your connection. It automatically says in the notification into your operating system that your printer is offline. And since the device driver is not connected via your operating system, you can’t access between printer and monitor. So, first of all, you have to check that you properly connected your printer to the electricity board and the monitor.
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