Our bowl products introduction - $9.66



Our bowl products introduction such as mixing bowls

Dongguan Dongshang Hardware products CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless-steel products company. We have 25 years of professional experience in product development, manufacturing and sales, and accept OEM, ODM and other customized services. Our company’s aim is to “Make our customers more successful through better products”. We always provide the best products for our partners, and everyone at Dongshang is committed to make the impossible possible. Our main products include tableware, Kitchenware, appliances, Hotel supplies, and we are committed to providing modern ideal household supplies for daily life.
Our main products are as follows:
mix bowl,metal bowls

mixing bowls
mixing bowls set
stand mixer bowl
mixing bowls
mix bowls
mixing bowls with Lids
Stainless steel bowls
stainless-steel mixing bowls
stainless-steel mixing bowls
mixing bowls
mixing bowls set
stainless steel feed bowls
salad bowls
salad bowls set
metal salad bowls
stainless steel salad bowls
grater bowls
metal grater bowls
stainless steel grater bowls
colander bowls
metal colander bowls
stainless steel colander bowls


mix bowl, metal bowls, mixing bowls, mixing bowls set, stand mixer bowl, metal mixing bowls, stainless steel bowls,