Steel Shots - $200


Steel shot is an excellent recycling material that offers a number of benefits. It is dense and
hard, making it ideal for many applications and can be recycled up to three thousand times
before it needs to be replaced. Unlike garnet, which is a relatively soft material, steel shot is
highly recyclable. The process of recycling shot is environmentally friendly, and because it has
low dust content, steel can be collected easily based on its magnetic properties. It is available in
a variety of sizes and shapes.
Cost of steel shot
If lead and steel shot were the same, steel shot would be cheaper than lead. Steel shot is
harder, corrosive-resistant, and produces no toxic effects when ingested by waterfowl. However,
steel shot is more expensive than lead because it requires more production, and because lead is
heavier and denser, it can damage most shotgun barrels. Moreover, steel shot is less dense
than lead, making it inferior ballistically.