Fashion Moment - $12

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran


stead of a DC Comics unitard.) Cherry perches on a desk, finding her light in an old-school computer monitor. Her wrist is restrained by a telephone cord. Her expression is on high alert—wide eyes, parted lips, hair higher than a Morgan Stanley profit margin. And though perhaps she is werk-ing rather than working, the message is clear: Boss bitches are this season’s sex goddesses, and the IRL office is their pantheon.

“We always want what we can’t have, huh?” asks costume designer Sarah Edwards when I tell her the news that office cubicles are the latest status accessories. While selecting costumes for Apple TV+’s Severance, Edwards spent months holed up in an office with Ben Stiller, Adam Scott, and the rest of the cast, creating a dystopian corporate wonderland that’s captured the imagination of viewers, including more than a few fashion pros. “I started dressing that cast during peak work-from-home hours. I couldn’t find a woman’s power suit anywhere. Ben [Stiller] talks about Severance as maybe happening in an alternate reality. But we became our own alternate reality during the pandemic, at least in terms of workwear.”