ozone generator - $14.99

Pingxiang, Jiangxi, China


1 Ozone refrigerator food preservation
2 Remove odor and smell in toilet/kitchen/car
3 Kills bacteria and virus in air
4 DC 5V battery or USB to work
5 ABS environmental plastic cover
6 Size 94*85 mm and N.W 0.14kg


Voltage DC 5V (battery or USB)
Power 0.5 W
Ozone 3mg/h
Negative ion 5*105pcs/cm3
Dimension 94*85 mm
N.W. 0.14kg
Accessories User manual*1pc 、USB cable*1pc

Color Box Size 105*105*98 mm
Per carton 60 pcs
Carton size 550*443*310mm
Carton N.W. 9 kg
Carton G.W. 12.5kg
20'GP 22320pcs
40'GP 46260 pcs
40'HQ 54240 pcs

1 Purify the air
2 Food preservation
3 Removal of odor, smell, smoke

In our daily life, because the space in the following places is basically the same, it is suitable to use the mini ozone machine CE-CY-3G

1 refrigerator
2 wardrobes
3 cabinets
4 bookcases
5 cars
6 Kitchen
7 toilets

In the refrigerator, in addition to killing or inhibiting the growth of mold and preventing rot, ozone also has the effect of preventing aging and other preservation. The mechanism is that ozone can oxidize and decompose the ripening agent-ethylene gas C2H4 breathed out by fruits and vegetables. Ethylene intermediate product It also has an inhibitory effect on microorganisms such as mold. Ozone can play a role in sterilization and mildew prevention and rapid decomposition of ethylene to slow down metabolism; while in kitchens and bathrooms, ozone plays a role in removing fishy odors, mainly by oxidizing them. Ammonia compounds.

The mini ozone generator CE-CY-3G has DC5V, four battery power supply or car USB power supply, and its working time has two settings

Method 1: Work for 10 minutes, stop for 20 minutes, and cycle within 12 hours
Method 2: Automatically shut down after 4 hours of continuous work