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Due to most of people can’t understand the difference between paperback,hardcover and perfect bound.So they don’t know how to choose when they consider to find book printing companies to print their books.

The difference between paperback,hardcover and perfect bound

1. The cover is different

Hardcover children picture book: The cardboard is covered with cover paper. The hard case cover keeps the shape of the picture book well, and it is not easy to deform during the reading process to prevent damage to the inner pages.

Plastic-bound picture books and paper-bound picture books: Ordinary coated paper cover, the corners of the cover are easily damaged and wrinkled over time.

2. The binding method is different

Hardcover children picture book: The inner page usually adopts the locking technology, which is not easy to fall off. Each page can be opened 180 degrees for reading, which lowers the page turning threshold for young children.

Glue-bound children picture books: The spine is glued together. It is divided into wired glue binding and wireless glue binding. Wireless glue binding is inconvenient to read. It can only be opened at a small angle, and it must be pressed by hand or with a heavy object to prevent it from closing. Very inconvenient for young children.

Paperback picture book: Paperback, also known as "paperback", is not a pirated book. Glue staples or saddle stitches for framing. After reading for a long time, if it is not properly protected, it is easy to drop pages and fall apart. Generally, thin picture books usually use this binding method.

3. Printing costs are different

The cost of printing children's books in china:Hardcover Picture Books> Paperback Picture Books>Paperback Picture Books

Three types of children’s book printing:how to choose?

1. Hardcover children picture book

Advantages: textured, beautifully bound, easy to read, not easy to break, long service life

Disadvantages: The corners of the hard-shell cover are usually sharp, and there are certain risks and hidden dangers for children under the age of 2, and the price is relatively high.

2. Perfect bound children picture books

Advantages: It is relatively firm in terms of the binding process, not easy to be damaged or dropped, the price is much more affordable than the hardcover, and it looks higher than the paperback picture book.

Disadvantages: wireless plastic binding is inconvenient to read, if it is a young child to read, it is recommended to choose wired plastic binding.

3. Paperback children picture book

Advantages: low price, more suitable for relatively thin children's picture books, and a picture book paperback is nearly half cheaper than hardcover.

Disadvantages: Too many pages, improper protection, easy to drop pages and curl.

Brief summary to the following:

1. Pursue appearance, grade, collection, choose hardcover.

2. The same content, the pursuit of cost-effective, choose paperback.

3. Plastic packaging is not cost-effective.

In fact, no matter whether it is hardcover picture book, a paperback picture book or a perfect bound picture book, there is no absolute difference between good and bad, just the form is different. You can choose children's book printing service according to your own market positioning and the actual function of the book.