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Magazines are not unfamiliar to everyone. A beautiful magazine is enough to attract our attention, but good content and design are not enough.Such as, a good fashion magazine printing has great requirements on paper, design, content, layout, etc. The magazines we see everywhere in our daily life,the form of the board and the paper are different, but the most essential thing is the touch that paper brings to us. So what types of paper are used for magazine printing?

Magazine printing paper generally refers to relatively light coated paper, which is light in weight, easy to post, smoothness is similar to coated paper, color is close to template paper, and the printing effect is between the two. It is an economical paper.

Because the paper is light, the inner fiber structure of the paper cannot withstand large tensile forces. Under excessive printing tension, the paper will lose powder and lint, which will affect the printing. The most common method to reduce the surface tension of the paper on printing is to reduce the printing speed. So magazine printing paper is usually low speed printing.

In fact, the choice of magazine printing paper depends entirely on the requirements of printing quality, as follows:

1. Generally speaking, high-end clothing and life-themed magazines mostly use coated paper and intermediate coated paper with a weight of ≥ 70g;

2. The medium and high-end monthly and professional magazines use coated paper, high whiteness and light coated paper, gram weight ≥ 70g;

3. cheap magazine printing often use high-white light-weight coated paper and light-weight coated paper, with a weight of ≥60g,such as monthly and weekly magazines.

4.Weekly magazines with large circulation and strong comprehensiveness generally use lightweight coated paper and calendered paper, with a weight of ≥ 65g.

In addition, the selection of gram weight has the following rules:

1. High-circulation magazines and catalogue printing generally choose 36-54g paper;

2. Monthly magazines select 60-80g paper with higher quality;

3. Professional magazines and customer magazines use 65-150g paper;

4. High quality magazines use 75-115g paper.

Above are some types of papers for magazine printing.Different magazine printing require different paper materials.