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Football search
Similar tack, which should not exceed 12 cm each, and that these three elements be painted white, and the nets of the goal are fixed to both the posts and the ground, and the entire goal must be fixed to the ground.[5] To learn more about the football goal, you can read Article Length and Width of Football Goal Football Laws Players and Substitutions A football match is played by two teams each consisting of a maximum of eleven players, including the goalkeeper, and a minimum of seven players; As the arrival of one of the teams to less than this number may lead to the cancellation of the match, depending on how this shortage of players occurs. The playing list, and the number of substitutions allowed for the players of the two teams varies depending on the nature of the match, as each team is allowed to substitute five of its players in some competitions, while only three are allowed in the first club matches or team matches, and some categories of teams are allowed to substitute six or twelve player, and in this type of match, both teams must agree on the number to be substituted, and then the match referee is informed of that. Waiting, then the referee gives permission to make the substitution for the player to be replaced to leave the field, then the substitute player is entered to become key in the match, and one of the players on the field may be replaced with the goalkeeper provided that a The referee is notified of this, and then the change is made during any pause in play. If a player is expelled before submitting the list of players’ names, his name cannot be included in the list provided, but if he is expelled after his name is on the list, he can be replaced with another player without This procedure is counted as an official substitution, but if he is sent off after the start of the match, he may not be replaced by another player. It does not have any special advantages on the field.[6] To learn more about the number of players and substitutions, you can read the article How many soccer players Referees The referee is considered the first and last responsible for the course of play that occurs in a soccer match; Where this person applies the laws of the game according to his discretion as he sees fit, and the decisions of the referee and his assistants are considered final decisions that must be implemented, as he is concerned with calculating or canceling goals and determining the outcome of the match, and the referee of the match consists of two assistant referees who give him advice and advice In everything related to the game, and there may sometimes be a fourth assistant who is appointed as a substitute for the match referee in the event that he is unable to complete and complete the arbitration process, and he may be entrusted with some other duties assigned to him by the first referee, and the staff of assistant referees is not limited to the referees on the field ground Where there can be assistant referees for replay technology through video, and these referees are present outside the field, and football referees are approved after training and providing them with the experience and skills they need.[4][7] To learn more about the number of football referees and their tasks, you can read Article Number of Football Referees Duration of the Match The football match is played over two halves of 45 minutes each, and the referee can reduce this period if the two teams agree on this. You and if the competition rules allow you to do so, and these two halves include a break of a maximum of a quarter of an hour, but in the event of reaching the extra periods, the players of the two teams can be given a very short break that may not exceed five minutes and no rest time is given between the extra halves. 8 [9] To learn more about the duration of a football match and its additional times, you can read the article How long is a football match Offside in football The law of offside in football is one of the most difficult laws of the game; As decisions are made in it at the discretion of the match referee, and there are many precise cases that may constitute confusion for some regarding the offside law. There are cases in which the player is offside but does not commit the offside offense, and there are other cases in which the player is not in An offside position but getting the ball to him makes him fall into this offense, and there are times in the match when the offside law is not applied at all. One of the types of mistakes that are committed in the football match, and the penalties for these mistakes vary depending on many things, such as the nature of the mistake committed and the place where it was committed. in which the use of force is excessive, reckless and superfluous; such as taunting, jumping, kicking, or even attempting to kick or hit him, or attempt to hit him, push him, or obstruct him, or make an attempt to obstruct him, or attack him, catch him, intercept him, or spit on him, or Touching the ball deliberately and this last matter does not apply to goalkeepers, and there is another type of errors that are committed on the field ground, which are those that require the opponent to be given what is known as a penalty kick when the player commits any of the previous mistakes in any part of the penalty area with the opposing team, and during the time play is continuing. [8]