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In recent years, due to children book become more and more popular, and most of publishers large print children's books/a>. Past three years, although sales of most paper books have been declining due to the impact of the COVID-19, sales of children's books are on the rise. Now, we analyze from the following aspects: why are children books still so popular.

1. Children book’s sales data

As a world-renowned market research company, Nielsen Books collects a large amount of information and data in the publishing field every year to help publishing practitioners fully grasp the market conditions. It can be seen in its 2016 data report that the overall sales of the world book market are relatively flat. In terms of total sales, the children's book market performed slightly better than the overall market in most of the global markets; in terms of market share, children's books had the largest share of the Australian market at 46%.

According to Kristen Mclean’s session, executive director of business development at the NPD Group, children’s book sales at the ninth annual American Booksellers Association Children’s Institute. Consumer sales of children’s books this year are up 9% year-to-date over 2020, and McLean told booksellers that 2021 is shaping up to be “one of the best years since 2014.”

2. Paper reading cultivates concentration and thinking skills

Reading is not a simple act of reading. There is attention, thinking, and various elements in it. Although under the impact of electronic technology, the human reading carrier will undergo great changes, but it is very necessary to cultivate children's paper book reading habit in childhood. Zhu Yongxin, an education expert and the spokesperson of the national reading image, once said in an interview that to truly solve the problem of "head-downers", we must start from an early age, and we must cultivate children's good reading habits, especially paper book reading, which helps to cultivate Children's attention and thinking.

3. Family parent-child reading is getting more and more attention

Why children's book printing are booming? Just to develop a hobby of reading? From the perspective of parents, there are more expectations behind the children's books, and in a sense, it also reflects the family's anxiety about education. The readers of children's books are not only children, but also their parents. After all, children's reading rights are mainly controlled by parents. Many parents first read and choose by themselves before deciding which books to read to their children. Therefore, to a large extent, the readers of children's literature include both children and adults. According to statistics, there are currently as many as 365 million children and adolescents in our country. How many adults who hope to become dragons should stand behind them? Now more and more parents are willing to spend money on their children's books, especially young and literate parents, who like to buy children's books for their children through various channels, and are willing to read with their children at home.

4.The children's book publishing market is getting bigger and bigger

Although book printing companies have many difficulty to contend with, from supply chain concerns to resurgences of Covid-19. According to industry research, The global Children's Publishing market size is projected to reach USD 11100 million by 2027, from USD 9086 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 3.0% during 2021-2027.

The reason why children's books are so popular is that parents pay more and more attention to their children's education, and publishers publish more and more type of children books for us to choose. If you have other points about children book, please feel free to communicate with me.