Hardwood Floor Refinishing - $5

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While some hardwood flooring can be purchased pre-finished, the majority must be sanded and finished once the installation is completed. A newly installed hardwood floor that requires finishing allows more room for you to apply your personal preference, especially when it comes to the stain or type of finish that you would want to be used.

Finishing the hardwood floor requires some specialized skills and power tools. These primary pieces of floor finishing equipment include the drum sander for sanding hardwood floor, power edger used to sand the areas that the drum sander can not reach, like the edges of the room, and the floor polisher used for applying the finish and/or stain.

Nothing like having your hardwood floors go through sanding, staining and refinishing to bring back their beauty. Making sure that the process is done by a professional hardwood floor contractor, will save you from possible headaches and saves you time and money.

We refinish and install hardwood floors in residential and commercial establishments since 1994. Hardwood Floor Services Los Angeles custom staining, sanding, and buffing, wood floor repair, and restoration.