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Solar maintenance isn’t so much about how to keep your solar panels functioning over the years as it is about how to use them properly and adequately so that you don’t run into any problems when you need them the most. Solar panels, like any other appliance in your home, requires annual checks for functionality, repairs if needed, and occasional cleaning to maintain overall operation and appearance. Luckily, our team of solar panel technicians understands fully how to approach solar panel maintenance for your integrated solar system.

You’ll be happy to know that there’s no real technique or cleaning solution that needs to be used to clean your solar panels. Like any other delicate, hard surface, you should be careful to prevent scratching and avoid using hard brushes or items with sharp edges and bristles. If you’re going to take on the challenge of cleaning the solar panels on your own, you can easily do so with a gardening hose and a light soap. Using soft clothes or just the hose by itself, you can rinse away any debris on the solar panels, such as bird residue, leaves, rain spots, and more.

Since solar panels are delicate structures and placed outside on the roof of most buildings, it’s inevitable that they are prone to outside damage from time to time. If this occurs, such as an animal tampering with the solar panels or a tree falling on them and cracking them, we’ll be here to revitalize your panels back to their original glory. Solar panels are given ultimate protection when initially installed, but if mother nature is more powerful or accidents happen, you’ll need to be prepared with a team on call who know how to fix such problems.

The functionality of your solar panel system is important to us because we want to ensure that you’re getting the most use and value out of your solar panel system. If you’re having a solar panel system installed for the first time or need assistance on how to use the energy converted into a solar storage battery, we’re here to make operations and functionality of your system easy to understand and simple in terms of use. When your solar panel system works cohesively, so does the rest of your interiors, such as electrical units, appliances, water heating systems, and more!

Updates and Usage
Solar panels, like any other piece of technology, will occasionally require some updates to maintain their effective usage. This means that if you had a solar panel that was installed many years ago, but you’re finding it’s not converting as much energy as you’d like it to, or you’ve added more space onto your home, or you’re in need of a new storage battery, then your solar panel system likely just needs an update. Updating your solar panel system doesn’t necessarily mean replacing it, but rather updating it in a way that makes it more efficient and functional for your new needs.