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Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung with Nozzle 500Ml
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Global Health Enterprise recommends that the most effective and simplest measure to prevent Covid-19 is to wash your hands. Therefore, everyone should disinfect their hands or potentially infectious objects (doorknobs, phones, table tops, chairs, etc.) with antibacterial alcohol products with a clear origin at reputable place.
Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung has a convenient spray nozzle, which helps disinfect quickly in 2 minutes, disinfecting surfaces and items in medical in particular and general life activities. Especially at a time when the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated, everyone should always be careful to avoid it by strictly following 5K measures, washing hands and disinfecting regularly.

Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung with 500ml Spray Nozzle kills bacteria and fungi after a two-minute exposure time.
Like other dry antibacterial products, you should only use 70-degree alcohol to disinfect your hands in case you do not wash your hands with soap and water, and your hands are not dirty. If your hands are dirty, you should still use hand soap.

Not only that, there are some other widespread uses of 70-degree alcohol such as:

Used to disinfect medical instruments and medical surfaces. Kill the bacteria Staphylococus areus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa... After 120 seconds of exposure.
Disinfect the skin, disinfect personal equipment, tables and chairs...
used to wash electronic circuits.
White 70 alcohol is not harmful to health because ethanol is a clean, safe fuel that is not harmful to consumers and is not as toxic as other fuels such as gasoline and oil. At the same time, alcohol 70 degrees for a very good bactericidal effect because of its slow evaporation ability, alcohol has time to kill bacteria.
In a time when the disease is spreading through contact surfaces, it is very necessary to use 70-degree alcohol products for family activities or when exercising in public spaces. You should choose products from reputable manufacturers to ensure effectiveness when using.
Composition Of Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung
Ethanol content 70-%
Uses of Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung
The product is used to:
Kills Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella flexneri, Bacillus subtilis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Candida albicans after 2 minutes of exposure.
Disinfect medical facilities, medical surfaces.
The secret of using 70 Degree Quang Trung Alcohol
methods used
The solution used is pure, undiluted.
Medical tools, surfaces to be disinfected must be cleaned before disinfecting with alcohol 70 degrees VP.
Spray directly on the surface of vehicles and equipment to be disinfected.
User object
used in medicine and disinfected in family and community activities.
Unwanted Effects of Alcohol 70 Degree Optical Center
There are no statistics on the side effects of the product yet
Notes Of Alcohol 70 Degree Quang Trung
Do not drink preparations.
Plastic bags containing preparations, solution of preparations after use, soft cloth, cotton wool impregnated with preparations after consumption must be handled according to regulations on hazardous waste.
Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Protect from light.