Counter survey companies in Marathahalli| SCONDESIGN - $20,000

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Counter survey companies in Marathahalli. When your yacht or boat sustains damage we can be involved as from several moments. Directly after the damage has occurred, been noted by you, so from the beginning of the claim process to assist you as you owners protecting surveyor.With a counter-survey you have nominated us later in the claims process, usually after the first rejection by your insurer. With a nomination later we mostly have to rely on photo;s taken by third parties, witness statements etc etc. And our own examination, as far possible, of damaged items, however usually stored somewhere in the back of a shed, and not on the damage location or under the circumstances.( The insurer may often be not clear, and presents a most compelling reason t for rejection. Often hides insurers conveniently hide behind the report by the expert hired by them, without any substantive knowledge of the practical damage or with a tunnel vision.We are used to work in stressful conditions and keeping an helicopter. We keep an open eye for details and facts, but are well able to keep the overview in order to anticipate when required.If you contact and nominate us directly when damage is noted, we may collect the facts, assess the damage our selfs at time of incident and at location. If required we can advise on possible mitigating measures.You can also instruct us to create and handle your claim file and documentation, we have the experience to keep overview and an eye for detail. Please contact us for the possibilities and our advice on the feasibility of a second opinion. If you are interested for demo pls contact us +91 8296698585.