4k Film Scanning - $10

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada


The process behind scanning 4k film scanning into digital format is quite complex, but luckily for you, we have got all sorts of equipment that makes this easy. We use state-of-art technology and professional know-how so even if it's been a while since someone had their negatives digitally captured there's no need to worry because our experts are more than capable of getting those old memories back up on the screen.

You may not know what's happening behind the scenes at your local video store but you're missing out. VHS to digital is making a comeback and it won't be long before we see them as common fixtures in homes across America again! I'm talking about videos that take up space on shelves or fill up Lori’s camera roll with those impossible-to look past pictures from last summer.

For More Info:- https://www.lifetimeheritagefilms.com/menu-pages-blog/5k-archival-film-scanning