New Led Wall Mounted Solar Lights Outdoor - $1



Solar outdoor garden light, home super bright waterproof outdoor high power wall light.

Intelligent light control system, when the solar panel senses a certain amount of light, the light will automatically turn off. When it senses that the light is reduced to a certain level, the light is automatically turned on.

It adopts the appearance of imitation monitoring to escort your courtyard, built-in infrared real-time induction, and the lights are on when people come.

Small in stature, big in size. Equipped with high-power lamp beads, it can illuminate 50-80 square meters. Powerful light source and wide coverage. Waterproof and moisture-proof LED lamp beads, high quality, longer brightness life.

Power-saving induction upgrade, turn to high-brightness mode when people come, and turn to low-brightness mode 13 seconds after people leave. 4 watts of high power irradiation range is equivalent to 80 watts of incandescent brightness.

2w enlarged solar panel, high conversion efficiency, fast charging speed, and a life span of up to 15 years.