2022 Solar Flood Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting - $1



Solar flood light is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and safe. During the day, solar panels collect and store solar energy, and at night it can be converted into electricity to illuminate. Solar light from dusk to dawn. That is, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting when it is dark, and you can also set the lighting mode during the day, remote control intelligent operation plus intelligent light control, multi-level brightness can be adjusted, wide illumination range, high brightness. solar flood light ip65 waterproof, outdoor rain and lightning protection. Remote control solar flood light. With charging indicator light, the red light flashes, it is charging. Which scene lighting is solar flood light led suitable for? For example: factory, courtyard, community, park, entrance. The internal and external anti-seismic design is more stable, the alloy material is more durable, the irradiation angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, energy saving and environmental protection, zero electricity cost, convenient and simple installation, and low maintenance cost.

How to install solar flood lights? First drill holes on the wall where you need to install the light, then insert expansion screws, fix the solar panel and the light bracket to the wall and tighten the screws, and finally connect the wires of the light and the solar panel.