18W 24W 36W Dimmable Remote Control Home Led Solar Ceiling Lamp Indoor - $1



This solar ceiling lamp is equipped with intelligent remote control, indoor and outdoor use, with solar charging, no wiring, easy installation, high quality advantages.

Our solar ceiling lamp is equipped with high quality polysilicon solar panels, efficient conversion fast, no fear of cloudy and rainy days.

Intelligent lamp sensing control, make full use of solar energy, efficient charging, highlamping energy saving; Dark automatically lamp, no need to manually turn on the lamp, suitable for multiple venues.

High quality imported LED lamp bead, high quality ABS lamp body, lamp bead evenly distributed, highlamping, safety, energy saving, durable. Our solar ceiling lamp is 20% brighter than ordinary lamp bead and 18% more uniform than ordinary lamp bead.

Adopt brand new A product large capacity battery, 365 year round dawn lamp, battery over charge and discharge protection, long life.

This solar ceiling lamp indoor is equipped with an ultra-long 10 meters remote control, easy to operate You can choose wall installation and ceiling installation, wide outdoor irradiation range, high brightness, easy installation, automatic lamp after dark.

This solar ceiling lamp has three models, respectively 18W, 24W, 36W, according to your own needs to choose