High Quality Split Solar Street Light Dusk To Dawn Waterproof IP65 - $1



Solar street light reviews:Amazon’s solar street lamp is a hot seller,This is a split solar street lamp, which is controlled by an intelligent controller during the day and uses solar panels to capture and convert solar energy into electricity. During the day, the solar energy charges the panels, and at night, the panels power an LED light source for lighting.

The DC controller can ensure that the battery will not be damaged due to overcharging and discharging, and our solar lamp also has brightness control, time setting, temperature conversion, self-protection of thunderstorm and other functions.

Battery module support: Tilt Angle design; In order to ensure that the solar cell module can receive solar radiation all year round, the Angle of the solar cell module support is 35°.

And solar products do not need to install underground cables or pay for electricity. It is mainly installed in urban roads, residential areas, industrial areas, tourist attractions, park green belt and other places of lighting.

For solar street lamps, this is a long-term investment because the wiring is very simple, there is no maintenance cost, and it does not generate very expensive electricity.

The split-type solar street lamp separates the board lamp, with stronger energy storage function and brighter brightness. Split solar street lamp is one of the best solar street lamp choices.