2022 New HIgh Quality UFO Solar Street Light Outdoor Lighting Waterproof IP65 - $1



Solar street light review: solar street light is lighting is given priority to, for the purpose of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency project (more) silicon solar cells, using sealed and maintenance-free battery energy storage, high efficient energy-saving lamp lighting, high luminous efficiency, high brightness, and USES the advanced charge and discharge and the lighting control circuit, photosensitive control performance Stable, easy to install, no need for human control and management.

Dc power supply, no need to lay cables and wires, no need for AC power supply and electricity, energy saving, economic, environmental protection, practical (to ensure continuous rainy days 3-7 days), long life (solar cells can be used for 15 to 20 years, batteries can be used for 3 to 5 years), is the future of outdoor lighting development direction.

Let me introduce the advantages of solar street lamps:

High sensitive sensor probe: Smart solar street light is equipped with high sensitive human body sensor probe, sensing range of up to 3~8m, the brightness of street lamp can be adjusted intelligently.

High quality polysilicon solar panel: integrated solar street lamp adopts large area of high quality polysilicon solar panel, higher solar energy conversion efficiency, longer power supply time, make full use of solar energy, efficient charging, automatic light after dark, without manual control.

Large capacity battery: good battery life, enough to store sunshine all day long, continuous power in rainy days, stable use, convenient storage.

IP65 waterproof: solar lamp outdoor with professional waterproof design, high waterproof grade, long service life, rainy days sustainable lighting.

Outdoor solar street light can be installed in road lighting, new countryside, courtyard, city lighting and so on.

Solar Street Light Outdoor Parameter
Model R-300
Power 300W
light Source High Luminous Efficiency 5730 Chips
Solar Panels 6V 18W
LED Quantity 400PCS
Lumens 1800LM
Waterproof IP65
Material ABS
Battery 3.2V/18000mAh
Charging Time 5 ~8Hours
Lighting Time >10 Hours
Product Size 550*125mm
Lighting mode Light Induction + Motion Sensor +Remote Control