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Tony G is a poker player, who made his fortune as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Tony grew up in Lithuania and moved to Great Britain when he was young. Tony became rich after receiving big compensation from taking over the company, Intralot which Tony co-founded with Claus Badenhop.

Tony launched Tony G Poker Room in 2012 at a luxury hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania. The room had been long recognized as one of the biggest poker rooms in Europe. Tony G has been hosting private events for high rollers since 2008. Tony uses Tony G Poker Room as a platform to support local charities.

Have you ever noticed that it's never that easy? Well then maybe you should just leave it alone and move on. Tony G's Tony G Poker TV series is one of those topics that always come back, despite the fact that Tony has moved on with his life and Tony G Poker Room has evolved into a live poker card room where Tony himself no longer resides as the full-time host (that distinction belongs to socialite Martynas Žalakevičius). But I digress...

The following Google Trends chart shows Tony's Tony G Poker Room as well as Tony G in general. There are some peaks where it looks like interest either dies down or remains flat, only to get re-ignited at certain points by events such as the new seasons of Tony G Poker show starting up on Lithuanian television again.

I would love to give Tony G a call and ask him if Tony is still Tony G Poker Room's most popular player, but my Lithuanian is not good enough for me to conduct a conversation with Tony even if Tony were to be available.

Maybe Tony would read this post and then send us an e-mail about it? I'm going to send Tony an email at his Tony G Poker Room address asking him that very question. Now, let's see how long it takes before Tony gets back to me!

For a long time, Tony G was a regular sight on the poker circuit. He had a great time and he also managed to win quite a lot of money. Tony G's main focus was cash games and tournaments rather than playing for glory. Tony G has been present at countless poker tables all over the world but unfortunately, he had to cut down on his appearances because of some health issues. Tony G is still around though so who knows when we will get to see him again! Tony had some interesting insights about Tony g Poker's brightest stars such as 'ElkY' and 'Krisztian Gyorgyi'.
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