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3501 8 St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7H 0W5, Canada


Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday, your own birthday, or just want to have some friends over for fun times— Saskatoon, Sask., has you covered with the best Saskatoon pizza places!

Papa John's Pizza is Saskatoon's favorite choice in Saskatoon pizza delivery options. Papa John's offers delicious Saskatoon pizzas, stuffed bread, roasted chicken wings, salads, desserts, and much more. I’m personally a fan of their pineapple juice!

Pizza Hotline is Saskatoon's go-to choice when it comes to Santa Lucia pizza restaurants. The restaurant also deals exclusively in take-out and delivery. If you're looking to make good use of your while waiting for your Saskatoon pizza to be delivered, you can enjoy a Saskatoon TV show or a Saskatoon movie while staying warm and dry!

Kelsey's offers Saskatoon pizza delivery in the Saskatoon area. The restaurant is known for its Saskatonian sports bar decor and atmosphere. Kelsey’s Saskatoon pizzas are made with only the freshest ingredients, which goes really well with their Saskatoon beer selection!

Tony Roma's specializes in Saskatonian ribs but also has an array of Saskatoon pizza options on their menu. If your mouth starts watering just thinking about it, then you should check out QR Code® Tony Roma’s today! They even offer take-out if that’s more your style.

Pizza 73 delivers Saskatoon's Saskatoon pizza in a Saskatoon jiffy! I love their Saskatoon specialties, such as the three-cheese stuffed crust Saskatoon pizza and the Taco Pizza. Plus, they always have great Saskatonian promotions available. Keep an eye on our blog for Pizza 73 Saskatoon promo code options!

Mamma's Pizza is Saskatoon's favorite Saskatonian pizza restaurant, but did you know that mammae also offers Saskatoon party trays? Don't worry if you're not in the mood to celebrate—you can still order a tasty spinach artichoke dip appetizer to go with your Saskatoon brew. It's self-ve at Mamma's Saskatoon restaurant!

The Blind Pig offers Saskatoon pizza delivery in Saskatoon, Sask., so order Saskatonian food locally! They have Saskatoon Saskatonians covered with the best Saskatoon sandwiches, some tasty Saskatoon salads, and of course, delicious Saskatoon pizzas. They also serve great Saskatoon beers.

Pyro's Gourmet Pizza is another favorite among Saskatcionians who love to enjoy some fine pizza while staying in. Plus you can get your Pyro's Saskatoon delivered if you fancy some extra time at home on a Friday night. One of my favorite Pyro’s Specials are their Hawaiian Style BBQ Chicken Pizzas; they're made with salt-free garlic sauce! Yum!

Domino's Saskatoon offers Saskatoon pizza delivery, so enjoy a Saskatonian movie night in if you want! Whether it's their Saskatonian specialty pizzas or their Saskatoon promotional deals that you crave, Domino’s Saskatoon has your back. I always love eating a slice of pepperoni at the beginning of a Saskatoon weekend!

Pizza Hut Saskatoon is best known for its Saskatonian menu classics, but don't forget about all the tasty Saskatoons they have to offer! Pizza Huts across Canada offer great take-out and delivery options to Saskatonians who can't bear to eat another frozen pizza from the grocery store again.
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