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Aluminum spray bottles are widely used in our lives, you can see them everywhere used in homes and bathrooms, beauty parlors, salons, and so on, They are always used for personal care. The small aluminum spray bottle is always used as a perfume bottle or sanitizer or alcohol spray bottle, some aluminum sprayer bottles are also used for essential oils. While the big aluminum spray bottle is used for salon hair cutting, cosmetics, beauty, and so on. The large trigger spray bottles are commonly used for many household, industrial and chemical products. For instance, many home cleaners for glass or metal, toilets, sinks, and tiles may come in trigger spray bottles as do a range of gardening and lawn care products.

Aluminium spray bottles are very common in both the medical and cosmetic industries. The fine mist sprayers allow you to easily dispense of a carefully controlled portion by simply pressing the lid. Once pressed, the liquid stored inside the aluminum spray bottle will be dispensed in a fine mist. This makes the aluminium bottles perfect for storing goods that need to be applied evenly on surfaces such as your skin, hence their popularity in the medical industry. The mist spray add-on itself features a screw-on mechanism. This allows you to easily remove the spray cap from your aluminum bottles to refill and reuse the bottle once the content has run out. The fine mist spray cap is suitable for usage with any thin liquids and water-based products such as oils and thin lotions.

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