Security Services Melbourne - $30

77 Warrigal Rd, Hughesdale VIC 3166, Australia


AIPS specialises in providing fully trained, experienced and skilled personnel to secure a wide range of sites including retail, construction, corporate, warehousing, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Our personnel maintain various certifications including construction, maritime, aviation, railway, safety, security control room operations, and of course first aid and security certifications. A key focus of our operations is selecting the right personnel for specific roles, positions and client requirements. We understand that each environment and client is unique and ensure all aspects of guarding solutions are accustomed to these specific requirements.

AIPS are unique in approach to service delivery we understand that excellence is built on a foundation of solid and reliable training which is adaptive to industry and employer needs and is reflective of the level of service our candidates are expected to provide. As an employer of security staff, we have worked with our clients to identify the needs of the market and have developed nationally accredited and complementary non-accredited courses.

Quality services are invaluable assets, but without the right management systems in place to coordinate delivery efforts, our service would suffer. At AIPS Security, we know the importance of effective operations management in delivering services you can depend on. So whether your in transition to contract security or a new one or you are replacing your existing security provider , you are assured of dependable service, backed by a solid infrastructure, yet flexible enough to respond to your wants and to customise service to your needs.

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