Gate Entry System - $30

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The Watchman by Cellgate is a cheap entry keypad that has a very sleek design that anyone would salivate for. Notifications are sent to you either through the cellphone or via the internet where you can view them from the web. They are suitable for both single family or multi-tenant premises like apartment gates, estate entry points or business complexes. It utilizes either solar or A/C energy for power. Moreover, one can choose the mounting option that best suits their needs, from pedestal, recessed or surface. More interesting is that it has a touchscreen feature making it even easier to use. The Watchman has a video streaming or telephone entry options and access codes that are present.

The UNIFT CWE –U320 is cellular cellgate entry system that allows you to control who accesses your premises from wherever you are. It records each activity in a portal and sends you or anyone that you pre-specify a notification either via email or through a text. The hardware and the components of his particular device are tied to a subscription service that includes sending touch-tone data over a cellular network, a web-based management portal and a smart-phone application. Its ease of use and the remote relaying of information have made it very popular.

This entry system allows you to control entries to your home from wherever you are, whether at home, in the office, at the mall or the grocery shop or even on vacation. The person seeking entry to your premises presses the call button on the keypad, and the system can call up to three numbers to verify entry. It the first number called does not answer; it will call up to three more numbers. A Cellgate entry system is programmable online or directly from the keypad. It also has an activity report on the web-based portal, showing which number was called, whether the gate was opened and the number of missed calls.

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