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The hydraulic hoses can be constructed from different materials. However, the most common material used for the construction of these hoses is polyurethane. The hydraulic hose can be reinforced with steel wire mesh known as “wire-cover” hoses. It is also possible to produce a dual- or triple-layer hose by combining a rubber inner tube with a polyurethane shell and a wire cover. Hydraulic hoses are the tubes that connect the hydraulic valve to the hydraulic cylinder. Hoses are made of two layers, an inner tube, and an outer cover. The inner tube is usually made of rubber or polyurethane. Reinforced hoses are known as “wire-cover” hoses and have a steel wire mesh internally that provides additional strength.
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The hydraulic hose is what connects the pump to the machine. It is what allows for the transfer of fluid. The hydraulic hose can be constructed of polyurethane or reinforced with steel wire mesh known as "wire-cover" hoses. Wire-cover hoses are less expensive than polyurethane, but they do require a greater amount of care and maintenance to ensure that they stay functional over time. 

Hydraulic hose fittings are designed to withstand the high pressures of hydraulic fluid. Hose fittings are necessary for connecting hoses to the source, destination, and control valves. The hydraulic hoses can be constructed of polyurethane or reinforced with steel wire mesh known as “wire-cover” hoses.  We can differentiate hydraulic hoses by their material of construction. The hose fittings are generally classified as either male (female) or female (male). The type can vary but is usually determined by the type of hydraulic connector on the end of the hose. Hydraulic Hoses are the most common component in the hydraulic system. It is constructed of fiber, fiberglass, or polyurethane. They are used to transmit power and fluids from one location to another.

The hydraulic hoses can be constructed of polyurethane or reinforced with steel wire mesh known as “wire-cover” hoses. The wire mesh is a more rugged and durable alternative and is often used in high pressure or low-temperature applications. The hydraulic hoses should have a fitting at each end to connect them to the equipment, machine, or other components being driven. One possible way to ensure that the hydraulic hoses are not damaged by any sharp edges is to cover them with wire mesh. The wire-cover hose comes with the additional advantage of ensuring that there are no leaks because the wires are tightly woven together.