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At Transfer to Digital, we are experts in delivering the service of slides to digital Vancouver. At least one member of our family was a self-taught photographer who would assemble us around the slide projector at family events to take us down memory lane. Laughter, shame, and, yes, boredom may ensue, but for many, it was the culmination of a decades-long love affair. Despite the fact that the hobby has all but died in the traditional sense, many people continue to collect slides. We work with families to breathe fresh life into their historic slide collections. We collect old slides and restore them digitally to their former brilliance. You'll go from boxes of old slides in your cellar to a beautiful slideshow on your TV, laptop, or phone in no time. We're ready to help you bring your photo collection into the 21st century. Slides were once the favored means of storing photos, but just a few individuals today have projectors that can display them. Previously printed copy photographs surpassed slides in popularity and were frequently gathered and presented in family photograph collections. However, they have suffered from blurring and discoloration due to the lengthy period since they were produced. For more Info:-
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