Full Servo I Shape Baby Diaper Making Machine - $600,000

no.19 Quanyuan Road, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China


China Full servo baby diaper making machine manufacturer offers full servo I shape baby diaper making machine, high safty standard design, great efficiency.
Parameter Of Equipment Function
◎Designed speed: 240m/min.
◎Working speed: 550pcs/min.
◎Qualified rate: 98%(The rate is compared with qualified products with gross output products within7.5 hours).
◎Efficiency: ≥85%(The rate is compared real output with principle output within 7.5 hours).
◎Installed capacity: 330KW (Including hot melt system).
◎practical capacity: 250KW(Including hot melt system).
◎Electric power supply: Three-phase & four-wire 380V/50HZ(Ground wire).
◎Electric wire: 3x150mm2+1x60mm2+1x25mm2.
◎Lowest barometric pressure: 8kg/cm2.
◎Air compressor: >0.6Mpa, 1.8m3/min, 22kw(to be reference).
◎Gross weight: 55000kg.
◎Noise: <85dB(A).