Multi Gemstone Blue Topaz Handcrafted Silver Pendant - $41

United States


Sky Blue topaz 8x16mm gemstone, Citrine round 6x6mm gemstone, peridot 6x6mm gemstone and Natural Purple Amethyst 5x7mm gemstone fitted in 925 sterling silver sharply designed pendant. Multi genuine gemstone with 925 sterling silver pendant handcrafted by skilled silversmiths expels this fascinating stunning pendant. Multi gemstone pendant weight approx 8.24gram, length approx. 46.00mm and width approx. 20.00 mm. Sky Blue Topaz gemstone is more than an enhancement stone, it is regarded as the crystal of potency, with ends and facets that produce both positive and negative currents. It differs from the energy of Quartz in the way its alternating currents are linked and broadcast via the ethers to the forces of attraction and manifestation. Check out our Gemstone Pendant selection for the very best in unique design. For more information follow our website link