Home Check In Christchurch - $100

New Zealand


Well on the whole after fully making the people aware from the home inspection it has been figured out that this process has to be carried out by every single person before getting into the house. You have finally found a house you’d like to buy but get the services of a home check christchurch company first before purchasing it. This is important because the house may look great and durable on the outside but we never know what’s inside or beneath. There might already be termites feasting on the wooden walls, or there may be already some other type of pests festering a part of the house. All these and more will be seen by a professional home inspector, whom you should consult first before signing the deed for the house and property. We call it Character Home Check because that’s who we are, but wait…we inspect homes of all ages and right across Canterbury. With over 25 years experience renovating and inspecting homes, we are the people you want to use when getting a building inspection. Our in-depth understanding of current building practice and traditional methods allows us to provide a realistic and positive assessment of yours!

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