Consider These Factors When Buying Ergonomic Office Chairs - $385

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Here are the top ergonomics to consider:
• Lumbar support: the chair you buy must provide excellent support for your back, and in particular the lower lumber region. There is an inward curve in the lower lumbar spine, which can lead to slouching and then back fatigue from bad posture. Therefore, look for a chair that offers lumbar support, and preferably adjustable lumbar support. The best chair will provide adjustable lumbar support so each person can get the right amount of adjustment for their body.
• Arm rests: these are important for relaxing the shoulders and hands while typing. Arm rests must be at the right height so they allow the correct angle of the arms to the desk. Adjust ability of arm rests is ideal so the user can achieve the right set up.
• Back rest: around 400mm to 500mm width is required for good comfort. The height and angle should also be adjustable so you can get the right comfortable setup for your back. Large chairs provide complete support for the back, where as smaller ones don’t. You’ll need to pay extra for better back support, but it’s an expense that is fully justified.
• Swivel: the swivel should be responsive and allow for easy rotation of the chair. Therefore, the person sitting can easily turn and reach further.

Seat material and build quality
Extra padding is ideal for comfort during long sitting sessions. Moulded seat foams are idea, and are a compromise of firm comfort and support, and longevity of the seat. Also, the fabric should be breathable to avoid being sweaty during the hot months of the year. The best way to find out how much cushioning is enough is by trying out a range of chairs in person.

The materials used to manufacture the chair also contribute to the build quality. When the chair arrives at your address inspect the units for build quality. You want to avoid cheap plastics and inconsistencies in how the materials are joined together.

Entry level chairs can cost under $200, but for heavy duty ergonomic desk chairs you can pay up to $400-600. Consider the need of the office employees to see if you can get away with a cheaper option. Also, you can get a bulk discount at online office furniture stores likes ours. This will save you money when you are buying ergonomic chairs for an entire office.

Seat dimensions
The seat height should be about 430mm to 550mm from the floor (depending on your height). This allows people to have their feet flat on the floor while working, which contributes to a good posture. It also enables their thighs to be horizontal and arms even with the desk.
The seat should be about 450mm 550mm wide (depending on your size), and the depth must provide enough space for most of your thighs to be supported. Adequate seat space is paramount to a good working experience that cannot be overlooked.
Seat slider mechanisms are ideal for taller users. The seat can slide forward to support more of your thighs.

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