Commercial Wallcovering/720 yds/$4 per yard - $4 obo

Springfield, VA, USA


Commercial wallcovering offered at a discounted price. Original purchased in 2015 at $9 per yd. Current stock 720 yds/24 rolls. Durable commercial application. Great for accent walls. Meets IGH/Holiday Inn brand specifications. Free local delivery or pick up available. Minimum order quantity 1 roll (30 yds). Free swatch available.
Manufacturer: Wolf Gordon
Pattern: Y46647AL
Color: Salt Air
Content: 100% Vinyl
Backing: Osnaburg
Width: 54"
Weight: 20.00 oz per linear yard
Hanging Information: Reverse Hang, Random Match
Fire Rating: Class A, as per ASTM E84 (Adhered)
NFPA 286--meets 2006 IBC Section 803.2.1
Flame Spread: 20 / Smoke Developed: 45
Meets or exceeds Federal Specifications CCC-W-408D for Type II
Cleaning Code: A diluted bleach solution can be used
Low emitting--passes Cal 01350 standard (LEED EQ 4.2)
Printed with HAP-free inks
Manufactured in the USA
Website :
$4.00 or best offer