Dark Wood Cabinets - $2,500 obo

Oklahoma City, OK, USA


For sale: Various cabinets from a recent remodel. These are Kountry Wood Products brand. These have been stored in a temperature-controlled garage, and most cabinets are still in the original box. Located in Midtown in OKC. Pictures shown are of a unit that was remodeled with these cabinets. There are approximately 210 pieces in this lot, making this a steal of a deal for a contractor or someone needing to remodel their home. A rough inventory is included below. The unknown pieces cannot be counted due to how they are stored. A google search of the product name will bring up product information. Pickup only. Cross posted.

Name Model # Quantity
Base 30 Jamestown F/O Butt Driftwood BAS302434J088DW 14
Van Sink Base 30 Jamestown F/O Butt Driftwood VSB302131J08DW 11
Base 3Drwr 15 Gtown Slate B3D152434G99ST 12
Wall 27 Gtown Butt Slate WAL273012G01ST 7
Brookton D 173287 2
Dishwasher Panel W/3 Filler Slate APD032434EST 11
Refer Panel W/1.5 Filler Driftwood APF012484EDW 22
Wall 30 Jamestown F/O Butt Driftwood WAL303012J08DW 12
Van Sink Base 30 Gtown Butt Slate VSB302131G01ST 1
Wall 12 Gtown Slate WAL123012G99ST 1
Wall 24 Gtown Butt Slate WAL24301201ST 11
Wall 30 Gtown Butt Slate WAL301212G01ST 13
Base 27 Gtown Butt Slate BAS272434G01ST 6
Toe Kick 12 Box Driftwood ATK08BDW 2
Dishwasher Panel W/6 Filler Slate APD062434EST 20
Wall 09 Jamestown F/O Driftwood WAL093012J04DW 12
Wall 30 Jamestown F/O Butt Driftwood WAL301212J08DW 10
Uncounted 40-45
$2,500.00 or best offer