Bert BertMay Tiles - $325

Seattle, WA, USA


Fantastic encaustic concrete tiles. Great Color. Chocolate Dark Milky Brown, slightly Aubergine with Soft Pink and Cream Accents

Simple. Elegant. Unique.

The tiles come in 2 patterns: Chocolate Sprig (2250 tiles) and Chocolate Flower (560 tiles). Very complimentary to one another.

Buy all or partial. $6.50 per tile (minimum purchase mount 50/$325 or more). 40% off from original price.

These tiles were purchased from Bert & May London and imported back to Washington. They were made in Spain.

"Our handmade encaustic tiles are created using natural pigments. Our natural pigments and handmade processes create subtle variations in tone, adding texture and depth. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on both floors and wall surfaces, and may present slightly different colors when sealed. As with all of our hand poured Bert & May tiles, natural pigments have been used to color tile. This traditional manufacturing process means each batch produced is unique in colour and character. This encaustic (cement) tile is handmade in Spain. We add crushed marble for strength and a beautiful raw finish. We only use natural pigments.

"Our natural pigments are gathered and derived from the ground, it is all mineral based and organic unlike manufactured colours. This gives our aesthetic that unique chalky finish, the tint of the colour is softer than anything manufactured. The fine lose powder has a semi transparent nature and matt finish. This washed out look is in the DNA of Bert & May and flows throughout the whole Bert & May aesthetic."


Floor Tiles Underfloor Heating Wall Tiles Hearth & Fireplace Surrounds Kitchen Tiles Backsplash, Bathroom Tiles Shower Walls Wet Rooms Outdoor Tiles Swimming Pool Surround High Traffic Areas Commercial Spaces"


Size: 20cm x 20cm (~8x8") x 1.8cm (~3/4") thick