Plexi glass clear acrylic 4'x8' panel 1/2" thick - $270

Somerville, MA, USA


Brand new plexi glass clear acrylic panel 48"x 96" and 1/2" thick.
Still sealed in protective brown masking paper.

I cut these panels to fit the inside of windows at a The Jungle Community Music Club. They are great for insulation, especially so sound doesn't pass through the window. Totally clear like glass and looks great in windows, but stronger and made of acrylic (plastic) so you can cut them to make tables / boxes / furniture / art.

Originally purchased shipment of 5 from amazon at the link below, but only needed 4 of these panels:

Looks like Amazon is no longer selling that package so here is a similar but smaller panel on sale now at Home Depot:

The club is open Wednesday through Saturday, you can inspect the panel anytime. We can help you load it into your car anytime, or if you purchase it during business hours then we might be able to help you cut it before opening one day. I might be able to deliver to you after purchasing, depending on where you need delivery.

6 Sanborn Ct., Somerville, MA 02143
[email protected]