Cement Clé Tiles Solid White and Federal Blue 4"x4" - $1,008 obo

Glendale, CA 91206, USA


Clé Tile

4" x 4"x 5/8" Cement Tiles

*please check out the Clé Tile website for more information

All of the tiles are unused. All of the tiles are in the original boxes. 48 tiles/box.
These tiles are currently being sold for $2.67/piece.
*Cement Solid Federal Blue 4x4 is no longer available.

Cement Solid White Square
10 Boxes : 480 pieces
~53 sqft
$480 @ $1

Cement Solid Federal Blue
11 Boxes : 528 pieces
~58 sqft
*the 4x4 Federal Blue is now DISCONTINUED
$528 @ $1

$1008 Total
Retail $2,886.43

Free New Tile Kit : Sealant and Cleaner

Buyer must pick up these tiles. I cannot arrange freight transport.

Let me know if you have any questions.
$1,008.00 or best offer