New Hurricane Impact WindowsDoorsstarting at ONLY500/ea) - $500 obo

Port St. Lucie, FL 34984, USA


New in the box Hurricane Impact Windows + Glass sliding doors for sale.
We love them!! However, we decided to change the dimensions of the windows + doors during the build of our new house (but kept the same manufacturer/brand because they're great). However, since some of them are customized-sized & already prepaid returning them wasn't an option. So our inventory of windows + doors are priced to sell. So our loss is your will love them just as much as we do + below market cost.

Some details contain:
-White finish
-Made by Winguard PGT Vinyl
-Vinyl Frame
-Glass tint is clear
-High-Performance low E argon gas
-Meets the current Florida Approval Code
-Virtually maintenance-free
-Energy efficient
-Highly resistant to outside temperatures (Perfect for S. FL)

The models I'm selling have a very sleek appearance with an amazing professional finish. Again we loved them so much that we kept the same appearance and finish when we reordered due to us changing the dimensions.

They are also:
-Very functional and user-friendly in order to sustain your lifestyle
-Provide much-added security/comfort
-Increase the failure rate of intruders
-Protects you and your family effortlessly against hurricanes or other severe storms with those high winds and other flying debris
-Increase the value of your home

These impact windows will be a great addition and will look good in any room. It's time to increase security and add to the investment of your home.
I'm not looking to hold onto this inventory for long. I want the space I once had in my garage.

Sizes for Windows (includes screens):
105.5x62 (Horizontal Roller WindowWindow) - Dual glazed (1qty) -- (See pic #1)
73x69 (Architectural Window) - Dual glazed (1qty) -- (See pic #2)
26.3x77.6 (Fixed Window) - Dual glazed, Single-hung - Aluminum Frame (4qty) -- (See pics #3-5)
And many more types of windows -- (See pics #9-16)

Size for Glass sliding doors:
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.19
U Factor (US): 0.31
107.25x79.75 (bypass,3p2t oxo, 1 1/16 TLIG, No Grid (9qty) -- (See pics #6-8)

Our inventory of windows + doors are priced to sell at approx. $500-$1000/each.
These windows and glass sliding doors are big and heavy. You will need a truck and help to load. I can assist in loading up the windows/doors as well.
$500.00 or best offer