Briggs porcelain enamel sink - $30 obo

Essex, MD, USA


10 total 17” x 20" brand new
6 total 19” x 16” brand new

oval styling with self-rimming
* Flat mounting surface accommodates the latest faucet designs.

durable porcelain surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain-finished lavatories have a non-porous glass surface that resists scratching, chemicals, heat and bacteria growth. lavatories remain "timeless" in design and installation.
* Totally inorganic and environmentally friendly - nontoxic, mineral substance
* Fade proof - colorfast (color is in it, not on it)
* Sanitary - a nonporous surface that resists bacteria growth and cleans easily
* Flame proof - will not burn
* Abrasion resistant - will not scratch from wear and cleaning
* Chemical resistant - resistant to harsh chemicals
* Corrosion resistant - will not rust
$30.00 or best offer