Canyon Dancer Bar-Harness II - $35 obo

United States


The Bar-Harness II is Canyon Dancer's new and improved version of the popular Bar-Harness tiedowns for motorcycles with fairings.
Fits Handle bars of up to 32 inches wide - Select length when ordering.
Comes in your choice of color as long as your choice is BLACK.
New features and improvements include:
The cross straps are held farther away from the switch gear.
The "cups" eliminate possible damage to grips.
The new cups hold the cross straps and your tie downs further out on the bars to better clear a wider variety of fairings
The new cup is even easier and quicker to install correctly
The cups are sized to fit the fattest grips in the industry
The steel D-ring "lay-ins" prevent losses even after many years of weather and abuse begin to weaken the Polycarbonate cup
Heavier thread with more stitches in the pattern for greater strength and the contrasting thread color aids in detecting flaws or damage
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