PeltonCrane Renaissance Collection 3 Piece Complete dental cabinetry - $7,500 obo

137 Broad Street, Pittston, PA, USA


Brand: Pelton & Crane
Model: Renaissance Collection
Description: 3 Piece Complete dental cabinetry
Additional: 2 matching Desks with granite tops

Large tall standing cabinet with draws
52" x 22.25" x 88.5"
2x large sliding doors
4x self closing draws
2x swing open doors
6x electrical sockets (3 Pairs)
1x pull out trash door
2x USB ports
1x Power Switch

Top Cabinet (connects to tall cabinet)
39.5" x 22.25" x 31.25"
Mirror Face
4x glove holders (2 on each side)
1x Tissue holder
4x double sided doors

Bottom granite table with sink (connects to tall cabinet and top cabinet)
53" x 24.25" x 32"
4x double sided doors
4x draws
1x garbage slot
1x storage slot next to garbage hole
1x sink (complete with hoses and faucet)
1x soap dispenser

Additional Addons

Desk with granite top
45" x 22.75" x 32.5"
6x draws

Desk with granite top
45" x 22.75" x 32.5"
Open Cabinet with shelf (possible PC holder)
4x draws

Dental Cabinetry

Pelton & Crane’s Renaissance collection of dental cabinetry
showcases a unique aesthetic while enhancing efficiency and
technology integration. Created in close collaboration with
dentists, dental assistants and hygienists, a host of innovative
features improve in-procedure movements, enhance access to
technology and optimize storage space. Maximize productivity
while creating a relaxing environment for patients and staff.

All Renaissance cabinets feature rounded contours,
visible on the rear cabinet, the curved sink area on
the side cabinet doors, and the head end of the
center island and side cabinets. These rounded
profiles create a relaxing environment for the doctor,
operatory staff and patients, while metal accents
enhance the modern look. Inviting design extends
to the countertops which also feature a pronounced
edge profile. The result is a soft yet distinctive style
that transforms the dental operatory.

Brand: Pelton & Crane
Model: Renaissance Collection
Description: 2 Piece Complete dental cabinetry
Price: $5000

PVC Counter with sink
49" x 21" x 32"
PVC Countertop (Dental Grade)
1x Garbage Slot
1x Sink (complete with hoses and faucet)
1x soap dispenser
4x draws
1x cabinet cabinet

Large Cabinet
56.75" x 21" x 88.75"
4x Power Outlets (2 Pairs)
2x Large Sliding Doors
4x cabinets
4x Draws
Small chip at bottom by the rounded part
missing 3 handles (1 in drawer)
$7,500.00 or best offer