Andersen Windows-Casement Total of 6 - $1,500 obo

Crescent City, FL, USA


Andersen Casement Windows
(Bought the wrong size…….My mistake is your gain)

Total of 6 windows in the following sizes:
• Four of them are 2’6” wide and 3’8” tall (Model #: ACW2638)
• Two of them are 3’0” wide and 3’8” tall (Model #: ACW3038)

Series: “A” Series which is near the very top of Andersen’s line of windows
Construction: They have a composite exterior called “Fiberex”. Here is information from Andersen’s website regarding Fiberex:
“We developed a material that is 2x as strong as vinyl, performs better when exposed to extreme temperatures and delivers exteriors that won’t fade, flake, blister or peel. We call it Fibrex® material. It's made up of reclaimed wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer that is fused together and is unique to Andersen.”
Interior of window: Constructed with maple wood
Glass: High Performance Smartsun, LowE4, Impact Resistant
Grilles: Prairie Fineline ¾” (between the glass)
Opening direction (from inside)
• 2’6” wide open from left and swing to the right.
• 3’0” wide open from the right and swing left
Color: (The colors are the same for all 6 windows)
• Exterior (Terratone)
• Interior (Mocha)
Handle Hardware: Traditional Folding, Antique Brass color
Screen: All windows include Truscene bug screen which is a very fine stainless mess that you can hardly see.

Here is a web link:

From their website:
An innovative combination of solid wood, fiberglass and innovative Fibrex® composite material provides superior strength and stability, making this our best-performing casement window. With a wide array of style options including factory-finished wood interiors, the A-Series casement window offers architectural authenticity and exceptional energy efficiency.
· Weather-resistant design makes this our best-performing casement
· Built with solid wood, fiberglass and innovative Fibrex® composite material for superior strength and stability
· Wide array of style options including factory-finished wood interiors for architectural authenticity
· Triple-pane glass options provide exceptional energy efficiency
· Standard sizes up to 4' wide and 8' high. Custom sizes available.

Here is a link for the 4 windows that are 2’6”” wide and 3’8” tall.™+Glass&hardware=Traditional+Folding%3b+color%3dAntique+Brass&grilleStyle=Prairie&grilleWidth=3%2f4%22&grilleSpacing=4%22&grilleLightsWide=3&grilleLightsHigh=3&frameColorExt=Exterior+Window+Color%3b+color%3dTerratone&exteriorTrim=None&side=Interior#interior

Here is a link for the other 2 windows that are 3’0” wide and 3’8” tall.™+Glass&hardware=Traditional+Folding%3b+color%3dAntique+Brass&grilleStyle=Prairie&grilleWidth=3%2f4%22&grilleSpacing=4%22&grilleLightsWide=4&grilleLightsHigh=3&frameColorExt=Exterior+Window+Color%3b+color%3dTerratone&exteriorTrim=None&side=Interior#interior

I have the original invoices for all windows.

2’6” wide versions (Total available = 4)
Original Cost: $2,359.80 each
Selling Price: $300 each

3’0” wide versions (Total available = 2)
Original Cost: $2,495.60 each
Selling Price: $300 each

Will sell all 6 windows for $1,500 (OBO)
$1,500.00 or best offer