How do I choose the right Fitted Wardrobes - $1,000

London, UK


The style of wardrobe you select depends on what you like and what is practical for the room layout. A good starting point when choosing your built-in wardrobe is looking at the room size, shape and layout. How you use your fitted bedroom furniture and the bedroom space you have. For example, a kids room wardrobe and layout would be different from a spare bedroom that is used as an office space. The lighting in the room also plays a key part when designing and selecting the colours and finishes of the fitted bedroom furniture.

There are many different styles of fitted wardrobes in the market. The best thing about fitted wardrobes is you get a wider selection and can custom build to your room layout. Unlike traditional wardrobes, built-in wardrobes allow you to maximise storage by utilising the full height of the room and building around awkward spaces.