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Udaipur, Rajasthan, India


We present to you the best carefully assembled and altered bone decorated furniture pieces to satisfy your ideal decisions of shading, size, shape, and example. In our great assortment, you'll find aesthetic and ageless structures that make a visual dramatization and become the point of convergence of your home insides right away. Made by gifted experts and craftsmen, every one of our items includes a dash of style and advancement to your home decorations and offers a unique expression in your habitation.

Rajasthan-the place where there are royals has one more wonder added to its miracles, and that is only bone trim and mother of pearl furniture. Our unpredictably planned items are remorselessness free as we use bones of camels that have passed on normally. The Rajasthani skilled workers hand-cut the bits of camel bone into the wooden edge, in this manner creating special pieces that feature greatness.
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