wood flooring bamboo - $40 obo

Parker, CO, USA


Left over from house remodel
Have 6 boxes @ $40.00 per box
Plus one open box
Each box covers 20.7 sf

Bamboo Flooring- 3/8" thick x 5-1/8" wide Distressed Antique Strand Engineered Bamboo Flooring- 50 Year Warranty
Length: Random (up to 36")
Quick Highlights:
- Green Option for Customer
- Easy Click Installation
- Backed by a 50 Year Warranty

About Bamboo
Bamboo floors' popularity has increased over the past few years as people have become more aware of the fragile state of the environment. Because it is a grass rather than a wood, it grows far more quickly than a tree. The plant's extensive root system continually grows underground and it replenishes itself naturally, as grass does. New growth, which springs out of the ground and can mature up to 24" in  24 hours and unlike trees, bamboo will regenerate quickly, making it a renewable resource
$40.00 or best offer