XPS Rigid Foam Insulation - $7,900

Richmond, VA, USA


Truckloads of XPS rigid foam insulation for sale - New Factory Seconds – great for above and below grade applications!

$7,900 per truckload delivered to greater Richmond area customers.

½” thick (2,304 sheets-73,728 sf/load)
2" thick (576 sheets-18,432 sf/load)
3.5" thick (288 sheets-9,216 sf/load)

If interested, please include your name and phone number with your inquiry and we will contact you to answer any questions and provide a quote.

This material is not intended for use in high occupancy buildings or large roof applications.
The long-term thermal R-value of XPS rigid foam insulation is reported to be 5 per inch of thickness. Insulation Depot does not warranty the R-value of its reclaimed insulation.

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