Rails, Diamond Tread Bumpers, Guards - $35

Noblesville, IN, USA


I have brand new, rails/bumpers/asset protectors, with aluminum diamond tread covering the top and front side of the rail, while the base and feet are galvanized steel. Very easy installation with 2 holes on each base for an anchor.
I have 6 different lengths which will vary in cost. These can either be indoor or outdoor - will not rust.
1.) 96"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 31...Marco Co charges $186.90/piece...I am asking $35
2.) 84"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 6...Marco Co charges $186.90/piece...I am asking $35
3.) 72"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 5...Marco Co charges $137.62/piece...I am asking $30
4.) 66"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 10...Marco Co charges $132.13/piece...I am asking $25
5.) 60"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 3...Marco Co charges $122.11/piece...I am asking $20
6.) 48"W x 3"D x 10"H - Qty 1...Marco Co charges $91.74/piece...I am asking $15
To purchase all this material from The Marco Company would cost $9,382.77. All rails are new and in box.
Will ship if purchaser pays for shipping