Custom live edge wood tables and dining room tables Connecticut, Black walnut slabs New Haven, Stamford, Boston Massachusetts - $0

Pine Brook, Montville, NJ, USA


We build everything from your basic products to unique pieces. Some of our products include but not limited to, hollowed wood ceiling beams, modern or rustic wood fireplace mantels shelves, live edge wood slabs like black walnut, maple for use as dining room tables, desktops, work-space areas, or end tables, custom made barn doors, floating wood shelves, epoxy tables, custom wood gates and more.

Wood Touch LLC is a family owned and operated, taking personal pride in each piece built for our clients. We do things right and in a timely manner. our clients are designers, builders, home-business owners.

All our wood products are proudly sourced in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut, designed and built in North Jersey