Custom-made cabinet fine Birch wood work doors, drawers and shelves - $15

Fort Worth, TX, USA


Custom-made Birch wood work. Recently removed from a home that was being remodeled. These were handcrafted, fine solid Birch wood over 55 years ago for a custom-built home in west Fort Worth. Only the items described below are being offered; the cabinets are not available. Build your cabinets, using these Birch wood shelves, doors and drawers. Please review all images in this listing. $15.00 each piece.

(4) Beautifully stained, unique lattice covering over glass cabinet doors. Measurements are: ~45" tall X 15" wide X 1/4" thick.
(8) Cabinet Doors. Complement lattice/glass doors described above. Same measurements as above.
(8) Cabinet Doors. Smaller version of above. Measurements are: ~36 1/2" tall X 15" wide X 1/4" thick.
(4) Drawers. 5 1/4" tall X 28" wide X 36" deep
(2) Drawers. 3 3/4" tall X 28" wide X 27" deep
(4) Doors. 31 1/4" tall X 15 1/8" wide X 1 1/2" thick. Each pair is hinged together, then connects to frame--typical of a door. These were used to separate a kitchen area from the living room area. There was a bar/counter in the kitchen that was used during parties as guests were in the living room. Afterwards, the doors could be closed again to keep the areas separated. Lattice matches the cabinet doors described above. Total 4 pieces.
(4) Shelves. 30 1/2" wide X 32" deep X 3/4" thick.
(6) Shelves. 30 1/2" wide X 22 1/2" deep X 3/4" thick.
(12) Shelves. 32" wide X 11" deep X 3/4" thick.

Each piece offered for $15.00 each.