Self-leveling Concrete - $5

Нью-Йорк, США


Self level concrete is a cementitious material designed to flow and fill low spots and create a flat and smooth surface. It is often used as a subsurface for other resilient flooring products.Mixing Pump
Such as engineered wood floors, vinyl floor, laminate flooring, epoxy moisture barrier, and terrazzo. To achieve a “level” subfloor with minimal height variations and higher compressive strength.
Self-leveling can also be used prior to the installation of ceramic tile. Or to increase floor height to meet architectural specifications from 0” – 4”.
Forget hand mixing bag after bag of self-leveling underlayment in a bucket. DUOMIT’s specialists use automatic mixing pumps for pouring self-leveling floors.
Designed to mix, control the amount of water, pump and apply pre-blended cementitious materials. Like those used in self level cement and laminate underlayment applications.