Carpet - $22

Kansas City, MO, USA


I have 20 colors on this 65 o.z. Dream Weaver Carpet sample board. The style of this carpet is called "Stunning 4765"
The price is $22.19 a yard, or if you prefer $2.58 a Sq.Ft. This carpet usually takes 1 - week for us to get from the Georgia mills. The higher the ounce or the weight of the carpet, means it will be more thick, plush dense, and more compact. We also have carpet pad to sell. Its a thick 6 pound 1/2" carpet pad we are selling for $3.00 a yard, or .33 cents a square foot. We also have Master Guard Memory Foam Protection 8 pound 1/2" carpet pad for $4.50 a yard, which is also .50 cents a square foot. We also have installers. Please call #816-246-8708 for more information. (This Carpet is Much Cheaper/Less Expensive) compared to other competitors. If you are confused on yards vs square foot pricing, we will be more than happy to explain everything to you either over the phone or in person. If someone says they can beat our prices, make them prove it by (writing the ounce of the carpet on their invoice). We have tons more carpet sample boards that are not listed. Thank You