Quarry Collection Nova Gold limestone backsplash/bathroom tile 3x6, just over 20 sq. ft. - $75 obo

Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA


These tiles have a wonderful traditional look, and will be a great addition for any home with earth-tone granite/slate countertops, wood furniture/cabinets/doors, or other types of traditional/classic earth-tones. Each box has 50 tiles, and we have just over 4 boxes available. Each is in pristine condition. Our contractors WAY over-ordered for our kitchen backsplash - we only needed just over two boxes, and they ordered eight! We paid $4.76 per square foot, and are asking a little over $3 per square foot.

These tiles are natural limestone, all cut from the same source. Information about the product can be seen here:
1) http://www.gbitile.com/product/nova-gold/
2) https://www.unitedtile.com/products/NATURAL%20STONE/STONE%20MOSAICS/STONE-MOSAICS-STONE-ONLY/QUARRY%20COLLECTION%20-%20NOVA%20GOLD.aspx

AT NO ADDED CHARGE, we are also including fourteen quarter-round pieces for edging. Although not from the same source, you simply wouldn't know by looking at it. Information about the quarter-round can be seen here:

They are honestly very beautiful, and if we had more we would probably just keep them for the bathroom remodel we're going to do in a few years - but the amount we have left isn't enough for a project that size, it's better suited for someone here to use for their own kitchen backsplash.

All serious offers will be considered. I am not physically able to move the boxes for shipping, therefore this offer is for pickup only. If interested, please let me know at [email protected]
$75.00 or best offer